Driver will resit test after speeding over 100mph on danger road

Carr was caught driving over 100mph on A941.
Carr was caught driving over 100mph on A941.

A MOTORIST WHO had only been driving for 18 months will have to reapply for his licence after admitting speeding to over 100mph on a notorious stretch of the A941.

23-year-old Jordan Carr, who is from Lhanbryde, admitted driving at speeds reaching 103mph on the straight stretch between Lossiemouth and Elgin in April.

A series of accidents on the road had prompted police to pay particular attention to the road near Sunbank – it was there that police were on watch at 9.30pm on April 13 when Carr drove past.

Carr admitted driving at excessive speed when he appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court yesterday – but asked not to be hit with the six penalty points that would automatically trigger the loss of his licence, as he was still within the two-year probationary period.

His solicitor, Robert Cruickshank, told the court that his client’s job entailed his having to start work at 6am during the summer and that the loss of his licence “would create difficulties for him”. However, Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov wanted to know if Carr had any cause to be driving so fast – and was told that there was no proper reason for his actions.

The Sheriff told Carr that he would benefit from “returning to the basics” and endorsed his licence with nine penalty points as well as imposing a fine of £300.

Carr will not be able to return to the road without first resitting the driving test.