Eileidh family reveal ‘devastating’ news as cancer returns

Eileidh Paterson - four year old's cancer has returned.
Eileidh Paterson – four year old’s cancer has returned.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS of Moray toddler Eileidh Paterson have been devastated by the news that the four-year-old’s cancer had returned.

Eileidh gathered thousands of new friends from around the world when she was first diagnosed with the childhood cancer neuroblastoma two years ago.

The little girl from Forres captured the heart of the nation as she bravely underwent the series of intensive treatments that ultimately led to her being given the all clear two years ago. However, the high-risk cancer is known to relapse in over half of those children who suffer it.

It was for that reason that a massive campaign was launched to raise over £125,000 that would allow Eileidh to undergo a series of treatments at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Michigan – with Eileidh due to continue those treatments next month.

Over the weekend Eileidh’s mum Gail delivered the news that nobody wished to hear, that Eileidh had suffered a relapse.

Gail said: “She had her routine MRI scan on Tuesday and I received a call from the hospital on Wednesday, saying Eileidh’s doctor wanted to see us yesterday morning. The MRI scan showed that she has a tumour in the left hand side of her jaw, the same place as it was last time.

“Next week Eileidh will be getting staging scans and tests to find out if it has spread anywhere else in her body. She will have bone marrow aspirates, trephines (bone chips) and tumour biopsy, then hopefully her MIBG scan two days later.”

Gail added that the treatment in the United States, which is designed to reduce the chances of a relapse of the cancer, will now be halted as instead Eileidh begins a new round of chemotherapy.

Gail said: “We are heartbroken at the news but we know that Eileidh will face this head on and fight it with everything she’s got.”

The news was delivered by Gail through the social media page set up to record Eileidh fight against the cancer – and which now includes a stunning video of a song written by Australian singer Amelie Bottrill.