Praise for role of Moray airmen as pressure builds in Iraq and Syria

Typhoons continue to apply pressure on Daesh
Typhoons continue to apply pressure on Daesh

MORAY AIRMEN AND supporting ground crews are providing a major supporting role in attempts to push ISIS terrorists from long-held areas of Iraq and Syria.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said that the RAF had attacked over 50 targets around Fallujah in support of Iraqi ground forces – helping them retake the city.

The RAF contingent includes men and women detached from RAF Lossiemouth since December last year, following a tense debate in the House of Commons over increased involvement of Typhoon and Tornado jets.

Mr Fallon said: “We are playing a major supporting role in the operations to retake Fallujah. Since the start of the Iraqi operation, the RAF have attacked 51 targets in the area – destroying bunkers, tunnels, weapons factories, ammunition dumps, sniper teams and artillery.

“RAF E3D Sentry aircraft are helping coordinate the coalition aircraft over the operational area and our intelligence and surveillance gathering assets are identifying and tracking the enemy, enabling RAF Tornados, Typhoons and Reapers to help clear a path for the brave Iraqi troops.

“All this whilst continuing to conduct strikes against other Daesh targets in Syria and elsewhere in Iraq.”

The Defence Secretary added, however, that the fight to wrestle areas from ISIS control will be “neither short nor straightforward”, adding: “But make no mistake, despite Daesh’s desperate propaganda, the reality is they are failing across Iraq and Syria.

“Now is the time to build on this momentum and we are looking at what more the UK can do – our thoughts are with our 1100 brave service men and women in the region.”