Second motorist to resit test after speeding on A941

Second motorist this month appears for speeding on A941.
Second motorist this month appears for speeding on A941.

A SECOND DRIVER will need to sit the driving test again after being caught driving at 96mph on a dangerous stretch of the A941 between Elgin and Lossiemouth.

Danny Edwards, 24 and from Elgin, became the latest in a number of drivers who were caught speeding on the same stretch of road.

Edwards appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court where fiscal Ross Carvel said that he was spotted by police driving too close to the vehicle ahead. Mr Cavel said that the speed was approximate “on the basis that the speed officers detected was the car in front”.

The incident happened near Sunbank on January 21 at around 9pm in the evening.

Defence solicitor Robert Cruickshank said that his client accepted that the distance between him and the car in front was not what it should have been – but that he did manage to stop in time when the vehicle in front braked.

After hearing that Edwards would be required to resit his test should he receive a six-point penalty, Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov fined him £400 and ordered nine penalty points to be applied to his licence.

Earlier this month 23-year-old Jordan Carr admitted driving at up to 103mph on the same road in April – he was fined £300 and received nine penalty points, again forcing him to resit the test.