Warning of ‘quicksand’ danger on Moray beach

Pipe caused issues last year - now work nearby has caused a temporary 'quicksand' effect.
Pipe caused issues last year for sailors – now it is causing more sinking issues for people on foot.

TAKING A WALK along a popular Moray beach has rarely involved a risk of sinking into the sand – but that is just what has been happening in Lossiemouth over the last week.

A dangerous patch of sand has been highlighted by a number of people on social media sites after it became apparent works on a pipeline on the West Beach in Lossiemouth had left a large area akin to ‘sinking sand’.

That resulted in unwary walkers and joggers finding themselves bogged down thigh-deep in wet sand, with one report saying that four people in a matter of minutes found themselves stuck.

One of the first to raise the alarm late on Tuesday was Karen Ross, who warned that excavation on the outlet pipe close to the RAF Lossiemouth runway landing lights had caused a situation where people were being halted in their tracks.

A main concern is that while the situation was known, initially no warning signs had been put in place – although small signs have now been placed warning people to steer clear of the immediate area.

Last night local councillor John Cowe said he was aware of the situation: “There have been four bulldozers working on the beach for the last eight or nine days. They have retrenched the pipe and are placing semi-circular cement blocks over it – that in turn has disturbed the sand area around the pipe causing some sinking.

“The issue has been highlighted with Scottish Water for their attention, in the meantime people are urged to take care in the area and heed the warning signs.”

The pipeline is the same one that caused issues last year when it broke free from the seabed, causing some local concerns with boat owners who considered it a navigational hazard.