Forres heritage group latest to shine at Holyrood

Nelson Town - cared for by the Forres Heritage Trust.
Nelson Tower – cared for by the Forres Heritage Trust.

TRIBUTES BEING PAID to Moray individuals and organisations who have worked tirelessly for their communities have continued to be laid before the Scottish Parliament.

The latest motion tabled to MSP has recognised the work of Forres volunteers in rejuvenating the Tolbooth on the town’s High Street and converting it into a local Heritage Centre.

Forres Heritage Trust members have been working non-stop not only on the Tolbooth but at the Nelson Tower, which they ensure is also open to the public each afternoon throughout the summer.

Now Labour MSP Rhoda Grant has raised the issue in the Parliament, saying: “I am a great supporter of communities where local volunteers roll their sleeves up and just get on with whatever needs doing to make a project or initiative come to life or fruition.

“I have read and heard about the work of the volunteers involved in the Forres Heritage Trust and I congratulate them on all their efforts, which will allow all generations to look back in time and see first-hand how life went on in this Moray town.

“At a time when some communities are struggling to thrive and survive it is so encouraging to see that there are active volunteers in Forres who are determined to make sure that their heritage, their culture and their community react positively and thrive.

“The Forres Heritage Trust volunteers are a prime example of the positivity and strength that can be garnered by pulling together.”