Community skate park hope to set up pop-up demonstration

Aim to create a pop-up skate park in Forres.
Plan to create a pop-up skate park in Forres.

A TEMPORARY SKATE PARK is to be put in place in Forres as part of Culture Day later this month.

The ‘pop-up’ skate ramps will be put in place by a group of keen skaters determined to eventually create a permanent skate park in the town – the location for the temporary ramps is yet to be confirmed.

In a project that is part of a bigger plan already identified following consultation to have a Skate Park in Forres again, it is hoped that through the ‘Planning for Real’ consultation being undertaken by the Forres 2020 group this autumn people will come forward and identify possible locations for a permanent feature for the area.

Michael Robertson, who is a member of the Forres Skate Park steering group, said: “We are very keen on having a Skate Park since the last one closed in 2006, we know that lots of people would like to have a place to practice on their boards, BMX bikes, scooters and skates.”

Another member, Kevin Riddoch, added: “We hope that having a pop-up Skate Park during Culture Day 2016 will increase interest and encourage people to support and get involved in our project.”

Forres Area Community Trust (FACT) and other interested members of the community are supporting the group by helping find the right advice, what permissions are needed and through identifying what funds are available that could be applied for.

Anyone who believes that they can help find a secure location to build the ramp is being asked to contact Forres Area Community Trust on 01309 674388 or email

The next meeting of the group is on Monday, August 15 at 7pm at the FACT office on Leask Road, at which all are welcome to attend.