‘Flawed’ named person legislation pause is welcomed

Douglas Ross - welcomes halt to the named person legislation.
Douglas Ross – welcomes halt to the named person legislation.

CONFIRMATION THAT THE Scottish Government has decided to put their controversial ‘named person’ policy on hold has been welcomed by a Moray MSP.

Tory MSP and local councillor Douglas Ross has said that the letter from Deputy First Minister John Swinney stating that the Scottish Government “will not commend any provisions” within parts of the legislation is to be welcomed.

Mr Ross, who has debated the Named Person policy with Mr Swinney in Parliament and highlighted “serious concerns” made to him by parents and teachers in Moray, said that public support for the policy had plummeted – with many who once supported it having second thoughts.

The MSP said: “This is government confirmation that the named person scheme is now paused, something I and the Scottish Conservatives called for weeks ago but were shouted down by the SNP and other parties.

“Public support for this legislation has plummeted and even Labour and the Liberal Democrats – who eagerly backed the proposals when it mattered – are having second thoughts.

“It’s a policy that is flawed, unlawful and deeply unpopular among parents and those tasked with implementing it. When I spoke in Parliament I raised serious concerns that have been voiced locally in Moray about the scheme but the SNP government were not prepared to listen. Now it seems they have been forced to.

“Instead of telling families how to raise their children, the Scottish Government should admit it seriously over-reached and got this one wrong.

“It’s time to go back to the drawing board and focus resources on those vulnerable and at-risk families who need support most.”