Hotel demolition objectors to have their say in November

Tenant Arms Hotel hearing to be held in November.
Tenant Arms Hotel hearing to be held in November.

PLANS TO DEMOLISH a landmark Moray hotel will be revisited in November, Moray Council has revealed today.

Plans to turn the former Tenant Arms Hotel into a retail store and car park has attracted considerable opposition within the community.

With around 130 formal objections a public hearing into the plans took place in June – but when it was revealed that there were issues over the declared ownership of the site, the meeting had to be abandoned.

Local councillor Douglas Ross pressed the applicants on ownership of the site, saying after the initial meeting: “After I questioned the applicants agent over the plans for parking and their ownership of ground required to meet the conditions, it became apparent there was a problem with the application.

“Naturally I am disappointed things were allowed to progress this far before the error was spotted but at least it came to light before the application was determined. Local objectors have spent a lot of time preparing for this hearing and I feel for them that this will now be delayed even further.

“A lot of time and energy has been invested by all parties and I hope the council will reflect on why so many people were let down by the process. However, it may also be an opportunity for the applicants to consider their options.

“While there has been strong opposition to the proposed shop, the entire community want to see the building taken back into use.”

In a statement released this morning, a Moray Council spokesman said: “The rescheduled hearing will take place at a special meeting of Moray Council’s planning and regulatory services committee on Wednesday, November 2.

“The original recommendation by planning officers to grant planning permission subject to conditions remains unchanged.”

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