Moray mobile chipper aims to break the bank at Monte Carlo!

Mobile Codfather aiming to break the bank at Monte Carlo!
Mobile Codfather aiming to break the bank at Monte Carlo!

MORAY CUSTOMERS OF a popular mobile fish and chip van will this week have to go some way if they wish to pick up their weekly supper – the millionaire playground of Monaco!

The van used by Buckie-base Mobile Codfather is a regular throughout the region – but this week they have been booked for an unlikely venue, serving up haddock and monkfish at the Monte Carlo Whisky Festival.

Customers were informed earlier this month that they would need to miss out for a short while as the van had been booked to accompany Fraserburgh firm Foinaven Fisheries to the international event – serving up freshly caught fish to discerning customers including members of the Monaco royal family and former Formula 1 racing ace David Coulthard, who is a Monaco resident.

The Festival runs this week from Thursday until Saturday at the Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo, featuring whisky masterclasses from Speyside’s finest – and outside food from the region served up in the authentic style of the Mobile Codfather.

Leading the north east delegation for Foinaven Fish is Andrew Lovie, who said: “Preparations are running at full speed – we have already sent a few fish shipments to Monaco. We use our own vessels to catch the fish, so we are there every step of the way.

“This weekend we will be catching the bulk of the fish, as the last catch of the day, to make sure we get the freshest fish possible.

“Then it will be packaged and shipped to Monaco. I will hop on a plane to meet the fish when it arrives.

“Colin Halley from Mobile Codfather will be driving the van down to help us. It was really important to us to keep the organisational aspect as local as possible.”