Wardens to take to street clothes to tackle dog fouling

Plain clothes patrols will seek to catch dog foulers.
Plain clothes patrols will seek to catch those allowing their dogs to foul without cleaning it up.

DOG FOULING IN MORAY is on the increase – and to combat those who still refuse to clean up after their own pets, Moray Council has said it will step up action by its Community Wardens.

The local authority says that plain-clothes patrols will now be carried out by Wardens – in particular at such as Elgin Cemetery, where dog owners have been spotted allowing their pets to roam the grounds, fouling on graves and headstones.

Rules exist for all Moray cemeteries that stipulate dogs must be kept on a leash at all times – and, as in any public place, it is an offence to allow dogs to foul and fail to clean up after them.

Community Warden Donna Jamieson, said: “We have carried out a number of patrols since receiving complaints of dogs fouling graves and urinating on headstones. This is particularly distressing for those visiting the graves of loved ones.

“Most responsible dog walkers observe the signs and ensure their dogs are kept under control within the cemetery grounds, but an inconsiderate minority need to be reminded that the cemetery is a place for reflection and remembrance, not a recreation area or a place to exercise dogs.”

New warning signs have been installed at the entrances to the Elgin Cemetery informing dog owners that the fixed penalty fine for fouling offences is now £80.

Community Safety wardens in plain clothes will be patrolling in known hot spot areas across Moray, with a zero-tolerance brief. Those caught failing to remove and appropriately dispose of dog faeces will be issued with fixed penalty notices and an £80 fine.

Members of the Public can help by reporting instances of dog fouling to Moray Council via their website or calling 0300 1234561.

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