Extra few minutes preparation can save lives on our roads

Road Safety Week: Clear that snow.....
Road Safety Week: Clear that snow…..

ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGNER David Stewart MSP is using the second day of Road Safety Week to urge road users throughout the region to treat winter weather with the respect it deserves.

Mr Stewart said that those drivers who do not properly clear snow or ice from their vehicle windscreen and windows are not only taking a highly dangerous risk, but are breaking the law.

“If you cannot see clearly out of the windows and windscreen of your car, you can be charged with careless or inconsiderate driving even although you do not have a collision,” the regional MSP said.

He added: “If you have a collision as a result of not clearing your windows and windscreen, the consequences could be much worse, not only for you, but for other unfortunate road users.

“It takes five minutes to clear the snow and ice from your windscreen and windows of your vehicle. All you have to do it get up five minutes earlier or spend five minutes less time watching breakfast TV – and let’s face it, the drive will then be less stressful and you will be less of a danger.

“My tip for today’s driver who wants to take the easy way out and usually pours boiling water on the windscreen – don’t do it, as it is likely you will crack your windscreen and then you will have no choice but to replace it, with the added inconvenience that will bring and the likely insurance excess to boot.

“So always use an ice scraper as any other object may well scratch the glass – this winter when driving just think of SNOWS = scrape snow and ice from windscreen and windows, N = Never drink/drive, O = Observe all signs and road traffic laws and W = when in doubt, don’t drive.”