Festive drive is on to raise Foodbank awareness in Moray

Don't forget the Moray Foodbank this Christmas.
Don’t forget the Moray Foodbank this Christmas.

THE MORAY FOODBANK is set to embark on two campaigns that they hope will both raise the profile of their work in the local community and also much needed funding to help them continue that work.

Under the direction of new board member Sarah Holmes, owner of the Pencil Me In store in Elgin, the Foodbank is aiming to place solid business principles at the head of their fundraising efforts.

“We need to keep the foodbank going as it has proven itself to be a vital service for a great deal of people in Moray,” Sarah told insideMoray.

She added: “The pressures that cause the need to have a foodbank in the first place are the same ones that make it more difficult to fundraise – so many good causes exist in Moray and throughout the country, all find it difficult in this time of austerity measures being taken by local and central government.”

In the lead up to Christmas, Sarah has led the way towards two campaigns that she hopes will be well supported by Moray communities.

She said: “First up we have the Reverse Advent Calendar – we are encouraging the people of Moray to pop a list of items into a box every day through December to help build up food reserves at the Foodbank with the last day to drop off being December 21.

“We are also running a ’12 Days of Christmas’ challenge – we appreciate not everyone may be able to manage a full month of items and have 12 much needed items listed – so we have posters (download here) that will allow people to pop Santa’s face up in the coffee room with a box and take it in turns to each tear off an item and buy it on their lunch break.”

Sarah is also encouraging people to visit the newly revamped Moray Foodbank website. It is also now possible for people to donate funding directly to the Foodbank through the website, funds that allow the daily purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables for onward distribution.

People can also visit the Foodbank page on Facebook where posters can also be downloaded.