Pipeline hazard on Moray beach makes a reappearance

Loose sewage pipe again causing issues on Lossie's East Beach.
Loose sewage pipe again causing issues on Lossie’s West Beach.

A SEWAGE OUTLET pipe that has caused problems for visitors to a popular Moray beach last year before being subjected to repairs has again broke to the surface.

Local environmental campaigner Pete Miners first reported issues with the line which carries waste from the nearby RAF Lossiemouth base into the Moray Firth.

After an extensive investigation on who was responsible for the outlet crossing the town’s west beach, arrangements were put in place to dredge the area and lower the pipe under the surface.

However, in the last few days Mr Miners has noted that the pipeline appears to have broken free again – and reported the issue once more to Moray Council and the RAF base.

In a letter reporting the danger Mr Miners said: “I have noticed, that once again, the repaired pipeline has become uncovered and in addition a large rectangle of concrete has appeared, high up the beach, almost at the dunes.”

“This has several pairs of metal bolts protruding up some six inches each. These bolts are a trip and injury hazard – and was not an ideal way to finish off a job on what is a very busy walking beach.

“The concreting I believe must be part of the repairs to the pipeline carried out in the last 12 months – after it had broken out of the sand and was floating out to sea, as reported in InsideMoray at the time.”

Mr Miners is calling on those responsible for the pipeline to ensure not only that it is safe but to take a look at access to the beach from the pathway crossing the golf course, saying: “There is no obvious way down from that track to the beach – it’s just a pebble bank.

“Perhaps some steps could be considered like those down from the car park.  Obviously the area will be susceptible to erosion and movement of pebbles, but the steps at the car park have held up for many years despite this.”