Pure theatre as the clock is turned back on Elgin streets

Walking Theatre
Walking Theatre Company will bring Elgin’s past to life.

WHILE MANY SEE November 5 as a day to light up the sky with fireworks, this year it is also the day when some will attempt to turn back the clock.

The centre of Elgin will on Saturday find members of the Walking Theatre Company bringing to life colourful characters from an at times wild and turbulent history of Elgin.

It will be part of an event organised by the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere Project, where throughout the day photographs and items from Moray’s archives and Northern Scot will be on display for people to wonder at, reminisce or even help the archivists document the places and people in the photographs.

Sadie Dixon-Spain, Creative Director and Playwright of The Walking Theatre Company said: “The magnificent landscape and fabulously rich history that is so integral to Scotland’s narrative really gives itself so easily as inspiration to the work I create.

“To be commissioned to develop writing, to bring Elgin’s History to life to use characters from the past and bring them to the now is a real gift.”

The glimpses of the past will also acknowledge that the Assembly Rooms was a popular Elgin dance venue in its day – so dance workshops will be available within St Giles church featuring dance through the eras, inviting visitors to go along and have a go themselves.

Games and crafts were a key part of life before television and electronic devices so there will be opportunities to join in a range of games your parents and grandparents used to play and try out some crafts.

Other attractions will include a WW2 display to learn about what it was like to live in Elgin during the war, while there will be an exhibition of Elgin’s town centre as it was. People will also hear local bands as they provide music from the 1960’s to present day.

This event is free of change and will take place in St Giles church, St Giles Shopping centre and on the Plainstones on Saturday, November 5 from 10am until 4.30pm. Refreshments will be provided by members of St Giles church throughout the day.