Hopes that Moray Tesco relaxed lane will go nationwide

Iris Beveridge and Kerry Speed at launch of ‘relaxed lane’ in Forres Tesco. (Pic: Tesco)

SHOPPING IN MORAY for those who are in no particular rush has never been a pleasant experience, the rush of modern day living not being escaped even in our more rural setting.

The introduction this week then of a ‘relaxed lane’ at the Tesco store in Forres could be a welcome move for many shoppers – in particular the elderly and disabled who perhaps need more time.

Tesco have said that they are operating the pilot at their Forres store to meet a demand for a less stressful experience for their more vulnerable customers. It is an idea that met with immediate approval by regional MSP Douglas Ross, who lodged a motion at the Scottish Parliament this week welcoming the move by the store giant.

Store staff have been working alongside Alzheimer Scotland to train their staff so that they could better meet the needs of their customers.

Mr Ross said: “I welcome this initiative by Tesco in Forres which will hopefully make those more vulnerable feel at ease whilst shopping in the store.

“I was pleased to be able to highlight the relaxed lane in a Parliamentary motion as this is a move that has rightly received positive publicity across the country. It’s great to see a Moray store leading the way and I hope their experiences will encourage others to follow suit.

“People can be affected by many different conditions and this will surely help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and give customers the service they need at a speed that suits them best.

“I congratulate Tesco in working alongside Alzheimer Scotland to train staff to be able to identify the needs of an individual and to provide a relaxed shopping experience.”

At the launch of the initiative this week Tesco Forres staff member Kerry Speed explained: “”We want them to be confident they can shop at their own pace. “It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout, and it struck me that this could be true for others as well.

“Early feedback from customers has been very positive – although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference.”