Would-be councillors urged to attend information session

Mark Palmer (right) urging prospective council candidates to step forward – pictured with outgoing council convener Alan Wright.

MORAY’S ELECTION RETURNING OFFICER is encouraging residents to learn more about serving their communities before bidding to become Councillors.

May’s elections will bring the largest ever shake-up of representation in the Council chamber, with over half of those currently serving not seeking re-election.

Now Mark Palmer is urging those who believe that they can do better to find out more about what the job entails – by attending a free and informative session in March.

Mr Palmer said: “There may be prospective candidates considering standing for election and I would encourage them to come forward and find out more about the role. Everyone’s welcome.

“Those new to the process may feel daunted by the prospect of putting them themselves forward. The session has been developed to give some understanding to the pressures and challenges that a councillor will face, particularly in the current financial climate within the local authority.

“In addition, we will talk about the process of becoming nominated to be a candidate, things to think about during the campaign, polling day and the count.”

The two-hour session for potential candidates will be held on the morning of Saturday, March 4 in Elgin for sessions that seek to provide those thinking of contesting May’s election with an insight into the local government process and the part elected members play in that.

Senior managers and the Moray Council election team will be on hand to answer any queries that attendees might have at the informal session with no commitment on those taking part to actually put their names forward.

Places at the session should be booked by calling the Moray Council elections office on 01343 563459 or emailing election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk where more information on the session is also available.

Those who cannot attend the session but wish to find out more information should contact the elections office and the team will be able to assist.

Candidate nominations open on Tuesday, March 14 and close on Wednesday, March 29, when a ‘statement of persons nominated’ will be published by Mr Palmer. Currently, only five Conservative Party candidates have stated their intention to run.