Councillors unanimously agree 3% increase in Council Tax

Council tax to rise by 3% on all bands.

MORAY COUNCILLORS HAVE unanimously agreed an increase to the overall rates of Council Tax of 3% – the maximum allowed by the Scottish Government.

The agreement was reached at the start of today’s debate on the 2017/18 budget with no objections from any of the councillors present.

As a result of the increase charges households will pay between £22.70 and £83.42 more per annum according to the band in which their home is rated.

This is in addition to the increased charges being faced as a result of the Scottish Government’s increase on homes from Band E and above, which will see a further £104.04 to £510.75 being paid.

The table below shows the full extent of the increase which was widely anticipated, with council’s throughout the country setting similar charges following the ending of the Council Tax Freeze imposed by the Scottish Government over eight years ago.

More information on the Moray budget exercise will be published tomorrow.