Man fighting life-threatening injuries after Elgin accident

Man had been walking from Dr Gray’s in Elgin.

A MORAY MAN is battling against life-threatening injuries sustained when he was hit by a supermarket delivery lorry close to Dr Gray’s Hospital.

It is believed that the 54-year-old had walked from the hospital around 100 yards along busy A96 when he was struck by the Tesco lorry on Saturday.

After initially being treated at the scene and Dr Gray’s, he was transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he was reported to still be in a life-threatening condition on Sunday evening.

Traffic was halted for five hours after the accident on the West Road at around 12.30pm on Saturday as police and accident investigators sought to discover the exact details of the accident. Eye witnesses said that they heard the lorry break suddenly and then several people were seen rushing to the aid of the stricken man.

One insideMoray reader said: “It was pretty horrific but several people reacted very quickly in doing all they could for the poor man and the emergency services arrived very quickly on the scene and took control.

“This is always a very busy road and there are lots of pedestrians attending or visiting the hospital who use it – perhaps this accident proves that more should be done to provide safe crossing points. I just hope the man recovers.”

The road was closed between Wittet Drive and the roundabout at Dr Gray’s on a day when traffic on the route was busier than usual as it carried Aberdeen fans to their Scottish Cup clash in Dingwall.