Ross hits out at Holyrood debate that had no standing

Ross hit out at Brexit debate with no binding result.

THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT have been accused of undertaking a ‘stunt’ at Holyrood by Moray-based regional MSP Douglas Ross.

He was speaking after a debate in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday that called on the UK Government not to proceed with triggering Article 50, the process under which the UK would be taken out of the European Union.

The debate went ahead despite the fact that any decision taken could not be binding – making it a symbolic move that the Tory MSP found pointless.

He said: “This debate was another stunt by the SNP to whip up a storm over Brexit to try and increase support for Independence.

“First, they said the Scottish Parliament would have to give legislative consent for the triggering of Article 50 – but in the end they only asked MSPs to agree with a motion which is non-binding.

“I used the debate as an opportunity to say no matter what we think of the result, we must respect it. It’s wrong to ask the people to express their opinion in a referendum and then have politicians ignore the result.

“Moray came closer than any other part of Scotland to vote to leave the EU, just 122 votes separated the leave and remain camps locally so I took the opportunity to mention the Moray vote. I was extremely surprised that Moray’s constituency MSP did not mention the area once.

“I believe whichever way you voted in the referendum, the people of the United Kingdom have spoken. They’ve made their choice and I have faith in the people of the UK to make the best of Brexit. Scotland can and must play an important role in seizing these opportunities.

“MSPs need to ensure we get the best for Scotland and the best for the UK. That’s what the public expect from their politicians and that’s what we should do.”