Election17: Call for ‘rainbow coalition’ for the good of all

MORAY COUNCILLORS ELECTED on May 4 should seek to form a ‘Rainbow Coalition’, laying aside all past differences and working together for the good of the region.

That is the primary view of Fochabers/Lhanbryde candidate Sean Morton, who has published his personal plan that asks those elected to “run Moray together”.

“No one person or political group has all the ideas,” Mr Morton says in his personal manifesto, adding: “If we reach out to each other across political divides we will do better for Moray.

“Now is the time for talented people to talk to each other – we need all hands on deck to move Moray forward.”

Amongst the radical new ideas being proposed by the former Labour councillor is a right of appeal from communities over planning decisions, as well as more localised control over issues such as budgets, bin collections, street names and road repairs.

Another idea being suggested by Mr Morton is allowing local people to invest in public services through purchasing ‘shares’ and running services. He also calls for more pressure to be brought on creating a ‘City Region’ deal for Moray.

Schools would be encouraged to set up their own Credit Unions, Mr Morton saying: “It is never too early to learn the importance of saving and the value of community.”

The full Morton plan can be downloaded here.

Sean Morton is a candidate for the Fochabers/Lhanbryde ward, alongside: David Bremner (SNP), Donald Cameron (Scottish Lib Dem), Kenneth Gillespie (Independent), Peter Horton (Scottish Lib Dem), Marc Macrae (Scottish Conservative and Unionist), Shona Morrison (SNP) and Ian Taylor (Independent).