Election17: Significant Change – Angus Anderson, Speyside Glenlivet

All individual candidates or political groups contesting the forthcoming local council elections in Moray are invited to state their case through the pages of our community news site – contact for submissions is editor@insidemoray.news. Here we have views of Angus Anderson, SNP candidate for Speyside Glenlivet.

I’M DELIGHTED TO BE standing for the SNP as a candidate in Speyside Glenlivet and if I am fortunate enough to be elected, it would be a tremendous honour to serve as councillor for the ward in which I live.

I would like to begin by paying tribute to Councillors Mike McConachie and Pearl Paul who have served the area so well for many years. I hope I don’t cause offence if I refer to Pearl in particular as undoubtedly part of the very fabric of Moray local politics and both she and Mike will be a hard act to follow for whoever is elected to represent Speyside Glenlivet following the vote on May 4.

There is significant change coming to the makeup of the Moray Council due to a large number of councillor retirals but this presents an opportunity for some new faces, each of whom will bring their own ideas, skills and experience to the role.

In my own case, I see my candidacy as a natural progression from my near 25-year career in the oil industry, the latter half of which I spent in management.

That lengthy period allowed me to develop a wide range of skills which I sincerely believe I can utilise to the benefit of the people of Speyside Glenlivet ward and to the wider Moray area. I have extensive experience of working as part of a team and understand very clearly, the importance of delivering complex objectives on time and on budget.

If elected, I will continue the campaign to press for appropriate safety measures to be implemented on the Dufftown to Keith road at Parkmore Brae. I believe the recent council decision to reject action was a missed opportunity to improve safety at this well-known danger spot and I look forward to pressing further the widely held community view that something must be done on this matter.

In more general terms, my experience is that too many people newly in positions of responsibility take action immediately in order to make their mark rather that gather information and feedback before making considered decisions. If elected, I will spend time listening to the concerns and priorities of community groups and the public as a whole so I have a proper understanding of the concerns of those whom I seek to represent.

All the wards in Moray Council are fantastic places to live but selfishly I must speak up for Speyside Glenlivet as the best of them all! We have fantastic scenery, tremendous opportunities for outdoor pursuits and of course world class food and drink, all within the shadow of the magnificent Ben Rinnes.

The ward is geographically very large and includes beautiful rural towns and villages and if elected, I pledge to be accessible to the people of them all. I live just outside Dufftown and so together with Louise Laing, would provide very local representation for all the people of the ward.

The purpose of these elections is to select the best representatives to oversee the stewardship of the Moray Council and speak for the needs and aspirations of their wards. I know that as we approach decision day on May 4, we can all agree that an efficient and well-run council is to the benefit of us all and I take this opportunity to pledge my commitment to that goal.

Other candidates contesting the Speyside Glenlivet ward for Moray Council are Louise Laing (SNP), Derek Ross (Independent) and Walter Wilson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist).