Moray residents warned of increase in after-dark jet noise

MORAY RESIDENTS ARE being warned to expect a bit of noise at night as the resident Typhoon defence force at RAF Lossiemouth undertake vital operational exercises.

Those around the Moray base have come to recognise the noise level of Typhoons lifting off at all times of day and night as the Quick Reaction Alert aircraft responds to possible threats.

For the most part, however, the base adheres to a policy of not flying after dark unless absolutely necessary. This month there will be an increase in such necessary flying as squadrons’ build up for operational deployments throughout the year.

Lossiemouth station commander Group Captain Paul Godfrey explained: “We must prepare our air crews for forthcoming operational deployments in any environment and therefore they must carry out rigorous training and continuous practice.

“Realistic training at night is essential to ensure our crews are proficient in the necessary skills and we do all that we can to minimise disruption to our local community.”

While the additional sorties will be undertaken at various times of day throughout this month, aircraft returning to RAF Lossiemouth will often be after dark – although an assurance has been given that most are expected to be back on the ground by 11.30pm.