Chernobyl kids set out for a return to their second homes

On the way – kids from Belarus set out for Moray.

ANOTHER GROUP OF CHILDREN from the area struck by one of the world’s most devastating nuclear tragedies are arriving in Moray today.

Families from around the region will welcome 19 children from the region around the devastating former Chernobyl nuclear power station in Belarus.

Each year up to 20 young people are given a few weeks break thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Chernobyl Moray group. Throughout their stay the children will be cared for and entertained by their host families, coming together for a variety of trips around the region.

A spokeswoman for the group said that they had been working hard for the last year raising funding to pay for the trip – and are now looking forward to providing another spell of respite.

It is the third successive year the children have been looked after in Moray, with the spokeswoman telling insideMoray: “It provides them a period of clean fresh air and nourishing food as they are hosted by families throughout Moray.

“It is a very special and exciting time for us all – naturally we are all very attached to the children who we are seeing growing in confidence each year.”

The children set out yesterday by coach before flying to Scotland, where they will be met by their hosts families today.