Hopes raised for Grant Lodge as local group express interest

NEW HOPE HAS been raised over a future for a historic Moray building that has lain derelict for several years in the heart of Elgin.

Grant Lodge, once used as the town’s main Library but later severely damaged by fire, has been the subject of a local campaign to restore the building.

Several ideas have been put forward over recent years – but the lack of finance has thwarted the best efforts of the Friends of Grant Lodge campaign.

Now, however, it has emerged that a children’s charity has approached the campaign group indicating they would like to take on space in a refurbished Grant Lodge – and that has encouraged renewed efforts to find the estimated £3million required to bring the building back to life.

Earthtime for All are already well established in Elgin and see Grant Lodge as an ideal base for a project on which they have recently received funding. Project Manager Deborah Hockney said: “If it could be opened up we would like to work from Grant Lodge and grow our group.

“It could be used for children’s activities – but also for our recycling scheme.”

Friends of Grant Lodge chair Caroline Webster said that a large part of their bid to restore the building rests on interest by local groups in using a refurbished building.