Quarriers social care charity launches their summer appeal

THE MORAY BRANCH of national social care charity Quarriers will join in the launch of their annual summer appeal today – aiming to make it a year to remember for children as never before.

The charity is calling on donors to back the 2017 Appeal as it looks to create lasting memories for more than 1000 children throughout Moray, the North East and throughout Scotland.

The children at the heart of the Appeal face a range of challenges as a result of poverty, mental health, disability or difficulties at home. A summer day out is beyond their wildest dreams.

For as little as £15, Quarriers can provide an unforgettable day out for the young people it supports, offering them a chance to have a break from the pressures of everyday life and enjoy experiences they may not have had otherwise.

Days out are tailored specifically to the children and families supported by Quarriers. This year, the charity hopes to organise trips to the seaside, kayaking, go-karting, visits to the zoo and other attractions as well as traditional summer treats such as ice cream and picnics in the park.

Those who will benefit from the campaign include young carers, children living in poverty, youngsters with additional needs and young people who require residential support.

Offering the chance to escape their everyday worries, the Appeal will provide memories to treasure for children and young people supported by Quarriers services across Elgin, including Moray Carers which supports young carers between the ages of 8-18 and the Arrows service which helps support children affected by another’s substance use.

Last year, more than 800 children benefitted from Quarriers’ Summer Appeal, allowing them to escape their everyday lives and just be a child for the day. The team behind the Summer Appeal are pulling out all the stops to ensure more children than ever before are given the chance to create memories that will last long after the summer holidays are over.

Alice Harper, Chief Executive of Quarriers said: “There was an overwhelming response to the Summer Appeal last year and we were blown away by the generosity of our supporters. By giving children the opportunity to experience new things without any of the obligations or daily struggles they face, they experience benefits which last a lifetime.

“We are calling on people to support Quarriers to give just one day and make a difference. Summer holidays are long and for many families, a day trip is simply too hard to plan and execute. By donating to the Summer Appeal, Quarriers takes the pressure off families and provides children with unforgettable memories.

“Through our services we know the struggles children and families face every day which is why we want to make these days out as special as we can.

“As a charity, we aim to help young people from all backgrounds reach their potential and the recreational outings we have planned are geared around team work and building resilience as well as having fun, helping to shape happy individuals who are confident in themselves.

“The Summer Appeal has a tremendous impact on so many lives, and we hope members of the public will get behind the campaign and show their support.”

As well as days out, Quarriers provides mentoring and life coaching, support groups, activities and befriending services which help children grow in confidence, stay in education, make friends who understand what they are going through and have an all-round brighter view of their future, helping to transform their lives.

A gift of £15 will provide one child with a day out, and gifts of any amount are welcome. Supporters can make a contribution by visiting www.quarriers.org.uk/summer-appeal