Former Buckie offshore worker sentenced to nine months

A BUCKIE OFFSHORE WORKER chose the wrong profession when he became a victim of the downturn in the industry.

Ross Sherman, 26, had a lucrative role in the oil industry that paid around £40,000 a year – but Elgin Sheriff Court heard that he turned to selling drugs to friends after losing his job.

Fiscal Robert Weir said that Sherman was searched by two police officers on mobile patrol on April 29 – and they found three bags of cocaine in his possession.

That led to further investigations that revealed he had been selling the Class A drugs to friends – and that landed him being held on remand since May 2 ahead of his appearance yesterday.

Sherman entered a guilty plea on possession of cocaine and also admitted another charge of being in possession of ecstasy on February 10 – the court was told that 16 tablets valued at a potential £160 had been discovered in his Ewing Crescent home.

Sherman was sentenced to nine months in prison.