From puzzles to real world – Artificial Intelligence explained

HOW CAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE be used to solve real-world problems – when it is not solving Sodoku puzzles?

That is the question being posed at the next free lecture series being hosted by Moray College UHI at their lecture theatre next week.

Dr Christopher Jefferson is the man who might just have the answers when he delivers “How Sewer Systems solve Sodoku: Artificial Intelligence in Real Life” on Thursday, June 15.

A spokeswoman for the Moray College told insideMoray: “Artificial Intelligence is used to solve a huge range of problems affecting all of our lives, including scheduling hospitals, contingency planning for air traffic control and carpet cutting. Artificial Intelligence also has more frivolous uses, such as solving puzzles like Sudoku!

“This talk will focus on one popular Artificial Intelligence technique called constraint programming. Giving you an overview of how modern constraint solvers work, and how algorithms from one area of research can have surprising applications in many areas.”

Dr Jefferson studied mathematics and computer science at Cambridge University before moving to gain a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at York University. For the last five years he has held a Royal Society University Research Fellowship at the University of St Andrews.

His research areas span computer science, mathematics and artificial intelligence.

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