Review gets under way on Moray’s five-year Development Plan

THE FORMAL REVIEW of the Moray Local Development Plan set in 2015 has been started by Moray Council.

The development plan contains land use zoning and planning policies, and is used to assess all applications for planning permission in the region.

Adopted in July 2015, the current Local Development Plan will be next replaced in 2020 in line with the five-year cycle for such plans. Under the review land use designations will be visited, consideration given to the need for new designations and a review of existing policies.

These will be presented in a Main Issues Report put before the planning and regulatory services committee in December this year. The Main Issues Report will then be subject to extensive engagement and the outcomes of the engagement will shape the content of the proposed plan, which will be published in summer 2018 and subject to further extensive engagement.

Councillor Claire Feaver, who chairs the planning and regulatory services committee, said: “The Local Development Plan is a fundamental part of our plan-led towns and country planning system in Scotland and all proposals for development must accord with the provisions of the plan unless there are material considerations for departing.

“The council is now inviting the submission of views and comments on what should be looked at in this review, including suggestions from landowners and developers about future development sites and I would encourage all interested parties to submit their ideas.”

Further information on the Call for Sites and an accompanying guidance note can be accessed at

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on August 4, 2017.