Moray public reminded of five golden rules to protect against scammers

MORAY TRADING STANDARDS are working with Citizens Advice Scotland towards combating the growing number of scams appearing online and offline in the region.

In the closing week of Scams Awareness Month, the public is being reminded that scams are continuing to arrive through online activity, Email and Telephone.

Following on from insideMORAY’s report yesterday on a new method of tricking the unwary out of their cash, Trading Standards have reported a recorded attempt in Moray of another phone scam.

A spokesman said: “The recording shows how the fraudster attempts to panic the recipient into responding, in this case by threatening legal action – a common tactic used by scammers. The fraudster even has the cheek to end the call with a cheery ‘have a great day’.

“Anyone responding to this type of call will be asked to pay a fine for some imaginary problem. If payment is made, the fraudsters will return demanding more money using a plausible excuse. Anyone receiving this type of approach should ignore it. If called on the phone, it’s best just to end the call.”

Trading Standards say that their ‘Take Five’ campaign aims to halt scammers by encouraging people to follow the five golden rules:

  • Never disclose security details, such as your PIN or full banking password.
  • Don’t assume an email, text or phone call is authentic.
  • Don’t be rushed – a genuine organisation won’t mind waiting.
  • Listen to your instincts – you know if something doesn’t feel right.
  • Stay in control – don’t panic and make a decision you’ll regret.

Further advice is available at and you may want to manage who gets through on your phone using Sky Talk Shield or BT Call Protect if your telephone company provides this type of service.

Frauds and attempted frauds can be reported to