Councillor calls for informed feedback on Moray five-year planning

A BUCKIE COUNCILLOR is seeking views from the local community aimed at ensuring he best represents the views of people in future council discussions.

Councillor Tim Eagle, who is also the chairman of the key children and young people committee on the local authority administration, is pointing to the difficult decision ahead with a new corporate plan being prepared to cover the full five years before the next local council elections.

He is now appealing for communities to turn their minds towards things that they themselves might do, taking on new roles in their local environment and throughout Moray.

Councillor Eagle said: “The current administration group has a task of writing the new corporate plan for the council which In effect it is a document which sets out our overriding vision and plans over the next five years.

“I wanted to ensure I had asked the community about their thoughts and concerns as I take part in these discussions. We know that Moray Council has financial difficulties and so now is more important than ever to ensure that those little in-efficiencies we see are checked on and answered so we can be sure that we have done all we can to be an efficient council.

“But it is more than that, we should be empowering communities to come up with ideas themselves about changes they want to see, what their priorities are both locally and across Moray.

“It is important to me that communities have every chance to be active and not reactive in changes that affect them. If we all work together we can surely ensure a better brighter future for Moray as a whole.

“This is purely my way of making sure I am reaching out to those people I serve to hear their views.

“A Facebook page has been created asking for your views and can be seen @timeaglebuckie or please feel free to e-mail me on”