Warning for Keith Show visitors to enjoy the occasion in safety

POLICE HAVE ISSUED a warning to those planning to attend the Keith Show this weekend to be on their best behaviour.

Along with other major events in the north east, the show has been highlighted as one that will see thousands turn out – and all are being encouraged to enjoy the event in safety.

However, with many attending licensed marquees, police are urging those that do so to enjoy themselves and at the same time behave safely and responsibly throughout.

Local Area Commander Chief Inspector Murray Main said: “Our message is clear – we want people to have fun but to behave responsibly. It is paramount that people know their limits.

“Drinking too much may leave you vulnerable and can also make you behave in a way you wouldn’t under different circumstances.

“Police have liaised with partners as well as the organisers to ensure the show days and associated dances are as safe and enjoyable as possible for all those involved. We will have additional patrols working this weekend, monitoring behaviour at events and in our cities, towns and villages in order to quickly deal with any unacceptable behaviour.

“In previous years a small minority have chosen to go out of their way and threaten the enjoyment of the events for everyone. What organisers should not have to worry about is the irresponsible, usually alcohol-fuelled, actions of a small minority who make poor decisions and spoil the occasion.

“These events have a family atmosphere and there is no reason why they should not be trouble-free. We want those attending to enjoy themselves but please be sensible.

“Look after your belongings, stick with your friends and family and know your limits. The consequences if you don’t, could well be considerable for you, your family and others.”