Feature: Moray radio enthusiasts broadcast Lossiemouth to the world

CONTACTS FROM AROUND the world were made despite difficult radio conditions when the Moray Firth Amateur Radio Society set up at the Covesea Lighthouse.

In a national event marking ‘Lighthouses on the Air’, radio enthusiasts from around the country set up at their local lighthouse, demonstrating the hobby to visitors and at the same time making contact with amateur radio enthusiasts from far and wide.

For the Lossiemouth special event station there was good Morse Code and Voice communication established with stations in the United States and Russia – and even a ‘maritime mobile’ operator who was delighted to spark her fond memories of the Moray coastal town.

That came in a contact from a boat at sea off Norway – MFARS member Robbie Stewart explained: “They say it is a small world and so it was when we made contact with a radio operator who is also a member of the Hersbruck twin town society – their twin town, of course, being Lossiemouth.

“The lady operator, Jutta, was keen to inform us she had sailed to Lossiemouth for her holidays – and enjoyed her days with the twin town members there. MFARS has invited Jutta to visit our club when she returns on her next stop over in Lossie.

A temporary amateur radio station was set up at Covesea.

“Radio is one of the very good ways to encourage visitors to our area – although not purposely advertising as per our licence conditions, the first thing people do when they hear a station worldwide is to look up Lossiemouth or Elgin or the source of the transmission on their computer.”

Robbie passed on his thanks for the Lossiemouth Lighthouse Committee for their assistance as well as club members who worked hard to make the event happen at all – including Captain Scott of the TA and RAF Dive Club for the transport of the club’s radio tower.

The event sparked renewed interest in the hobby with the revitalised MFARS now offering training from their Elgin base for those wishing to attain licenced amateur status.