Green MSP calls for review over removal of ‘road kill’

John Finnie MSP

AN INCREASE IN instances of large deer being left laying on or adjacent to the carriageway on many roads has prompted a call for reviewed procedures on their removal.

The call has come from Highlands & Islands MSP (including Moray) John Finnie, who is the Scottish Green Party transport spokesman.

Mr Finnie has receive several approaches from constituents who have been concerned by dead wildlife being left on roads – with particular concern over the risk they pose for cyclists and motor cyclists, as well as the public health risk they represent.

The MSP said: “I have been contacted by constituents concerned about dead wildlife on our roads and witnessed many carcases myself.

“This poses a hazard to all road users and a particular danger for cyclists and motorcyclists who can suffer serious injury as a result of colliding with decomposing carcases which also create a skid hazard.

“There are also serious concerns around potential public health risks associated with any failure to recover and properly dispose of any remains.

“It is often difficult for constituents to ascertain exactly who they should report this to as there are different reporting regimes in different local authority areas, and for trunk roads.

“I believe the Scottish Government should review the processes in place to deal with dead wildlife on our roads and I have tabled a question in the Scottish Parliament asking that they do just that.

“We know from recent reports that what was once a rural issue is also increasingly a feature of our road networks across Central Scotland too so what’s needed is clarity of roles and responsibilities to reduce the chances of a serious incident occurring.”