Water to flow once again at Elgin fountain after £30k restoration

A LANDMARK MORAY FOUNTAIN looks set to be brought back to full working order after years of neglect if a restoration plan is acted on.

The fountain on Elgin’s Plainstones is being earmarked for a £30,000 project that it is hoped will be completed by March next year – with the funding coming from the town’s common good and the Elgin conservation regeneration scheme.

Professional cleaning of the stonework and improved waterproofing is among the work that is required on the structure if it is to be brought back into use. It is thought that the work would be carried out to the same standards as the £45,000 Muckle Cross refurbishment just a few yards from the fountain.

SNP councillor Graham Leadbitter is one of the strongest advocates of the work being carried out, insisting that it will be of benefit to tourism in the town.

Councillor Leadbitter said that he had for some years been looking to achieve a more strategic view for the use of common good funding, adding: “It is important that we keep looking to do all that we can to keep Elgin looking as good as it can – and improving it at every opportunity.

“If we boost our tourism and create employment, having a good town centre is a really important part of that.”