Moray troops set to deploy on mercy mission to Caribbean

Sappers set to deploy in one hour.

SAPPERS FROM KINLOSS Barracks look set to lend their considerable skills to those affected by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean.

The UK is pulling together massive resources for the relief effort to the devastated region after the storm hit last week – now that will include men and woman from the Moray barracks.

48 Field Squadron is on one-hour notice to depart for the region with commanding officer Major Dafydd Howells confirming: “We need to be departing Kinloss within an hour of getting a call – all my vehicles are already packed and ready to move.”

Should the call come around 40 troops are likely to deploy to the Turks and Caicos Islands. For 48 Field Squadron it is not an unusual situation – the squadron are always on short notice to deploy wherever in the world they might be required.

The emergency has caused chaos throughout the region and the Kinloss men would be called upon to use their specialist airfield support skills to clear the way for more aircraft to land in the relief effort, Major Howells saying: “Our role would be to repair aircraft operating surfaces – the main runway, taxiways and technical areas where servicing can take place.”

The engineers would also look to rebuilding essential accommodation and restoring water supplies. Major Howells added that his troops are more likely needed on the Turks and Caicos as reports indicate airfields on the British Virgin Islands do not appear to be as damaged as was first anticipated.