Today is Stovies Day – and that is official in Food & Drink Fortnight!

Stovies – or, at least, one of the many regional variations.

EVERYONE IN MORAY is being encouraged to enjoy a plate of stovies this evening – in celebration of all that is good in Scottish food and drink!

The weekend saw the launch of Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, two weeks that organisers hope will spark the Scottish public into celebrating national food and drink culture.

For that reason today has been deemed ‘Stovies Day’ – an excuse for all, if indeed that is needed, to sit down in front of their TV this evening with a plate of the meat, potato and onion dish.

This year, the Fortnight, which runs from September 2 until 17, is urging the great Scottish public to change one thing about their eating and drinking habits to allow them to incorporate elements of Scotland’s rich food and drink larder into their day (#onethingfortnight).

Each day of the Fortnight has an inspirational theme to get the great Scottish public – whether they spend their day in a school, office, factory, restaurant or kitchen – to enjoy a Scottish product or two. The theme for today is TV dinner – and the Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink, James Withers, is asking people to get creative on Wednesday with some traditional Scottish fayre.

James said: “Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is all about getting people together to celebrate and showcase Scotland’s natural larder. From scallops to raspberries, trout to whisky, the Fortnight give us the chance to celebrate our producers, chefs and business owners and the part they play in our fantastic industry, whilst also demonstrating to the wider public just why Scotland has earned the reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

“Why not join in and celebrate with us by cooking up a beautiful and traditional Scottish meal of stovies – a one pot dish that the whole family will enjoy, especially if they get to watch their favourite tv programme at the same time!

“Just one change can make a huge difference and may encourage lots of other people to take part – so get involved and let us know what you are doing to support the Fortnight.”

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