US Navy personnel want to give something back to Moray – this week!

A GROUP OF SIXTY visitors to Moray from the United States are seeking to replay the hospitality they have received from the local community by volunteering their services free of charge.

The United States Navy group have approached tsiMORAY offering their services to any community group who could use them – but it has to be this week, ahead of their returning home.

Described by tsiMORAY as a unique, one-off opportunity, the third sector group said that unfortunately it was one that was proving difficult to take up as they were struggling to match the volunteers with a suitable project.

A spokeswoman said: “We have been approached by Izick Espinoza to say that their group of 60 from the US Navy would like to volunteer this coming week. They are currently staying in Elgin and would welcome the opportunity to give something back to the wonderful town for letting them stay here.”

Any groups who have a project in which they can use the services of the US Navy team is asked to contact tsiMORAY for further details by calling them on 01343 541713 or by Email to