Coastguard teams assist Fire service in Findhorn rescue

Rescue teams on the Findhorn (Facebook)

COASTGUARD RESCUE TEAMS from two Moray stations were called out to assist Fire and Rescue Service crews on the River Findhorn on Tuesday.

The teams from the Burghead/Lossiemouth, Buckie and Inverness stations assisted in a water rescue at Randolph’s Leap just south of Forres.

They were called after a person had become stranded on a rock in the main channel of the river – and could not get back to safety. The Fire and Rescue service used a ladder while Coastguard officers provided back-up further downstream.

Following the successful rescue of the 55-year-old man, a Moray Coastguard spokesman provided advice on what to do should you find yourself or witness someone in a similar situation: “Dial 999 and get help – Coastguard for at sea or the coast and Fire service for inland.

“If you are in a safe location stay where you are and encourage people to stay and wait for professional help.

“This happened today and allowed the safe outcome. The River Findhorn is a very fast river with several challenging water features and extreme care must be taken when in, on or near it.”