Community Council aims to revitalise neglected Trout Fishery

A MORAY COMMUNITY COUNCIL is calling on local people to volunteer their services on a project that is seeking to create a community trout fishery.

The Finderne Community Council is hoping such a group of enthusiastic volunteers will help transform their local beauty spot at Loch of Blairs on the Altyre Estate – at one time a popular trout fishery but has not been fished for nearly 15 years.

Currently the Loch is heavily affected by reed and weed growth – and the boat house is in a particular poor condition.

Community Council chair Brian Higgs said: “Sir Alastair Gordon Cumming of Altyre Estate has kindly given us his support in trying to get this project started. Our aim would be to get a group of volunteers to help clear the loch of the excessive weed and do the basic maintenance required to the boat house to get the water back into use as a trout fishery.

“To do this we need to create access for a large excavator and this means clearing a lot of Rhododendrons which currently cover the bank around the boat house.

“Longer term the hope is to create a local amenity which would be used for both enjoyment and education. The bothy and stables at the boat house have the potential to be developed into small field study rooms for use by the local schools – and a well-tended fishery would form the core of a beautiful natural refuge.”

The long-term project will require a great deal of hard work – but Brian is convinced that it has the potential to be a stunning amenity for the local community.

He added: “Once the fishery is re-established the aim is to have any profits made from fishing tickets put back into developing the area. Whilst there is already a series of footpaths around the loch it is hoped that these could be improved and connected to other walks in the area.”

The Community Council is putting on a presentation of the concept at Rafford Village Hall at 7pm on Monday, October 23. Anyone interested in supporting the project would be very welcome at the meeting.

The Community Council can be contacted by Email to