Council Conservative group elect a new leader

THE CONSERVATIVE GROUP on Moray Council have confirmed the unusual step of electing a new leader who will not hold either of the two main posts in the ruling administration.

At a recent meeting the group discussed how more support could be provided to the Convener, Councillor James Allan, who was spending a great deal of time away from the chamber to represent the Council at various events.

The result of the discussion was to elect a separate group leader – with Buckie councillor Tim Eagle the unanimous choice.

Councillor Eagle told insideMORAY: “I was surprised that my colleagues felt I would be a good person to lead the group forward – but I am privileged to take on this role at what is a difficult time for Moray Council.

“With nine councillors the Conservative group is trying hard to bring realistic proposals to the table to help end the Council’s financial worries.

“The task ahead of the administration, of which we are a part, is no easy one but something the group continue to take very seriously. I am lucky to be sitting in a group which has such a broad range of knowledge. We have ex-military, accountants, social workers and more in our group which has been very useful in getting to grips with the council budget.

“As leader I hope to continue to bring the group together and work alongside our independent colleagues for the benefit of all in Moray.”

Councillor Eagle, a local farmer, was elected earlier this year at the second time of asking, having previously contested a local by-election. He has taken a leading role in the Administration group as chair of the Children and Young People’s Services committee.

Before joining the Council he was also an occasional feature writer for insideMORAY.