Hopes raised that new £20k bursary will aid Moray’s teacher recruitment

THE LATEST MOVE by the Scottish Government in their campaign to solve the teacher recruitment crisis has been welcomed by Moray’s MSP.

An announcement was made on Monday that a new bursary would be introduced paying £20,000 to those willing to change their career to teaching – provided they have prior qualifications in science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subjects.

The Bursary is a new bid to encourage people to switch to teaching – and Richard Lochhead MSP says he hopes it will lead to a reduction in vacancies at Moray schools.

Eligible subjects attracting the Bursary will be reviewed each year according to need.

Mr Lochhead said: “We’re all very well aware of the difficulties Moray Council has had in recruiting teachers to work in our local schools, so I have to say that I’m delighted by the Education Minister’s announcement that the SNP Government will introduce career change bursaries for those who want to go on to teach STEM subjects in our schools.

“I know a number of people who have considered retraining to be a teacher but have simply been unable to due to costs and concerns about financial responsibilities with many just not in a position to give up a salary for a year.

“I’m hopeful that the introduction of bursaries of £20,000 will go a long way to removing that barrier for the many folk who are interested in a career in teaching, which can only help address the local teacher shortage.

“This new bursary scheme is a real game changer when it comes to helping people who live locally to go into teaching and to growing our own teachers. I would absolutely encourage folk in Moray who are eligible to consider taking the leap and to making the change.”