Sports centre hope that public support can provide disabled facility

Hope the public can help create a disabled facility at the new Moray Sports Centre

A COMMITMENT BY the Moray Sports Centre (MSC) to catering for those with disabilities has prompted a bid for funding to the Aviva Community Fund.

The move came after the MSC was approached and asked if it would be possible to incorporate a ‘Changing Places’ room into the design of the new Sports Centre.

Such a facility would consist of additional equipment and space to allow those with disabilities not to worry about having an accessible toilet facility. Current plans for the sports centre include a disabled toilet – but it was not considered large enough or sufficiently equipped to meet the needs of many prospective users.

Kathryn Evans, CEO of the MSC project, said: “We put it to our board as the MSC design would need to be altered and the cost of the room would also multiply by five from the original disabled toilet that was planned for the space.

“We are committed to making MSC happen and we need the community to start engaging with us in our ambition to raise the funds. Without it, we are really going to struggle to provide the facilities that everyone says they want.

“As a project, we really want to make a huge difference to Moray and we listen to all the feedback we are given and adopt as many requests as we can within our plans. The only drawback to being this inclusive is the price tag that is associated with it!

“It’s not possible to please everyone, but we are doing our best to try to cater for as many as possible.”

Aviva’s Community Fund provides one possible route to obtaining additional funding – however, it depends entirely on the community getting behind the project by taking time to vote on the Aviva Fund website.

People registering to vote are given ten votes to use on either a single project or to spread over several projects. Details on the Moray Sports Centre Aviva bid can be found online.