York band set to howl & hum on the Elgin stage

A WIDER SELECTION of music styles will continue at an Elgin venue this week when a group praised for “doing the unexpected” are to feature.

The Drouthy Cobbler will provide a platform for Indie band considered to be rising stars ‘The Howl & The Hum” from York.

The band, who take their name from the famous Alan Ginsberg poem ‘Howl’, draw on sounds which feel simultaneously epic and intimate, uplifting yet melancholic.

Clash magazine praised the group’s cinematic sound as “a driving, intense performance…a brooding piece of expansive indie songwriting that nods towards Massive Attack or Portishead.”

A spokesman said: “The release of their debut tracks forms an impressive introduction to a group who appear intent on doing things unexpected of new bands. The results already suggest that The Howl & The Hum’s is a call to pay attention to in 2017.”

The Howl & The Hum play The Drouthy Cobbler this Wednesday at 8pm. Tickets are still available at the bar or at thedrouthycobbler.uk.