Councillors give praise to volunteers behind community events

Council motion in praise of Gala Day organisers

THE EFFORTS OF those who volunteer their services in Moray were recognised in the council chamber on Tuesday.

A motion by SNP councillors Sonya Warren and Shona Morrison at the start of the economic development and infrastructure services committee on the issue was, however, questioned by the chair and council leader.

They voiced concerns that over if the motion was competent within Council rules, saying that while it was something every councillor would support it was perhaps not the stage on which to deliver the message.

The motion congratulated the success of Gala Days, Festivals and Community Events held throughout Moray, showing appreciation for the hard work of those behind their organisation and delivery.

Cllr Warren – proposed Council backing for community volunteers

Speaking after the motion was passed Cllr Warren said: “Moray has a huge number of community based events every single year, which draw on the talents and commitment of thousands of volunteers. These events can be a village fete through to a full Highland Games, classic car shows, music festivals and Christmas lights switch ceremonies.

“These events attract tens of thousands of locals and visitors and contribute massively to the Moray Economy and the volunteers that make these events happen thoroughly deserve this recognition. I am delighted that the Committee Members unanimously backed this motion and commended the work of volunteers right across our region.”

Cllr Morrison added: “Just last weekend I was involved with many other volunteers at Fèis Mhoireibh, an annual celebration of traditional music and arts. This, like so many other events, is dependent on a host of volunteers to make them happen.

“These events bring our communities together and provide a focal point for people living in towns and villages right across Moray.

“It is fantastic to see this community spirit alive and well and the contribution that it makes to our economy is enormous. A huge thank you to everyone who has given up their time in any way to make Moray the vibrant place it is!”