Emergency information system promoted by regional MSP

A SCHEME AIMED at providing information quickly in cases of emergency in the home is being promoted by a regional MSP.

Rhoda Grant MSP from Highlands and Moray has teamed up with Lions Clubs UK to promote their ‘Message in a Bottle scheme.

The simple scheme involves placing a form containing personal information such as medication, illnesses, next of kin etc into a small plastic bottle that you keep in the door of a fridge. If the householder then takes ill, anyone attending will have access to the important information that could make a big difference in how they respond.

For those who look after a pet, details of the care required in case you are temporarily unable to look after it might also be included.

There would be a need to indicate to people that you use the scheme so that they know to look out for the bottle in the event of an emergency. It’s therefore a good idea to spread the word of its existence to friends, family, social workers, home helps, community nurses and anyone else you think is relevant.

Rhoda Grant said: “This is an excellent scheme which has been in use for years, but to be honest many people who are elderly, frail or vulnerable have forgotten about it or indeed are not aware of it.

“By completing the form provided and placing that completed form within a suitably provided and marked container which should be kept within your fridge, then by placing a sticker similar to the one below on your fridge door, all the emergency services and supporting agencies will know where to go immediately should you become unwell at home in order to obtain your person details, medical history, details of allergic reactions, details of next of kin etc.

“The containers, forms and stickers required, are available through the Lions Clubs-British Isles. I appeal to any local WRI, Church Guild, Men’s Breakfast Clubs and other local community groups to make contact with the Lions Clubs UK if they would like to co-ordinate and engage locally in such a scheme.”

Contact can be made by visiting the Lions Clubs Online or by Email to enquiries@lionsclubs.co – they can also be contacted by telephone to 0845 833 9502.

District Governor for Lions within Scotland -Malcolm Hogg of Lions Clubs UK said: “We are delighted that Rhoda Grant is helping us promote this scheme across the Moray and the Highlands & Islands.

“There are only a small number of Lions Clubs in Scotland and they are not in a position to administer these message in a bottle packs for individual use. However, if a group or organisation were wanting to do something positive within their community then we would be delighted to work with them and provide advice and help to start them with this most worthwhile project.

“All that is required is contact from such a group who if using the words Highlander – can obtain some bottles to get started.”