Firework threat for animals underlined in MSP’s appeal

A REGIONAL MSP has tabled a motion at the Scottish Parliament to highlight the continuing dangers and distress caused to animals by fireworks being set off.

Labour’s Rhoda Grant has annually supported the campaign by the Scottish SPCA raising awareness of the issue – and this year the campaign has operated under the banner ‘Fireworks Misery for Animals’.

Rhoda Grant said: “Current regulations are too relaxed and whilst there are now in place restrictions on when a person can buy and when a shop can sell fireworks, these need to be further tightened – there is no legislation governing when fireworks can be set off, for example.

“I would support the Scottish SPCA call for fireworks only to be set off at major festivals and the sale restricted to the week proceeding November 5 – and not at all afterwards with the current rules pertaining to New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali remaining unchanged.

“Legislation should reflect the serious impact fireworks can have on the welfare of domestic, farm and wild animals.

“I am not in the business of spoiling any pleasure people get from watching fireworks displays. What I am trying to do is give a supporting voice to the Scottish SPCA campaign and raise the awareness of individuals to the effects and distress the noise from fireworks make – I would therefore urge individuals or groups to attend public organised events.”

Pointing to a statement from the Scottish SPCA where a rescued hedgehog suffered from burned spines that are believed to have been caused by a bonfire, the MSP added: “This is why we would urge people to check bonfires before they are lit for hibernating animals such as hedgehogs, frogs and toads.”

Scottish SPCA posters highlighting the dangers of fireworks are available to be displayed in local communities. To request copies please phone us on 03000 999 999.