Road Safety campaigner hits out at ‘no’ on new ministerial post

Minister (left) sees no need for new Road Safety ministerial post

REGIONAL MSP AND leading road safety campaigner David Stewart MSP has been expressing his disappointment that the Scottish Government will not appoint a road safety minister.

The MSP learned that the Government had no plans to progress such a measure in a Parliamentary Question response this week delivered by the Minister for Transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf MSP.

Mr Stewart insists that the Scottish Government have missed a “big opportunity” with road safety currently a key issue within communities regardless if they are in urban or rural parts of Scotland.

He said: “Far too many road users are getting killed or injured on our roads and I personally feel this is an issue we need to take more seriously.

“Having a Minister with sole responsibility for all road safety related matters would focus all our attention on the issue more. This Minister could be at the forefront of campaigns to make our roads safer and would be in a prime position to garner all evidence and support from relevant agencies which would allow for a clear, focussed and educated policy in relation to matters pertaining to the safety of road users.

“It is perhaps interesting that in Westminster they deem this issue to be so important as to appoint such a person, yet here in Scotland the Government are happy that the Minister with responsibility for all transport and island related issues is also best placed to look after our road safety.”