Ross calls for a formal inquiry at Westminster over delivery charges

A FORMAL INQUIRY into unfair delivery charges being imposed on those who live in the north of Scotland has been called for by Moray’s MP.

Douglas Ross made the call at Westminster yesterday, saying that he was making good on promises he gave in his maiden speech to the House of Commons.

In that he pledged to tackle the issue of unfair delivery charges to Moray – and he is now doing so by seeking a full inquiry.

“I raised the issue of extortionate delivery prices in my maiden speech when I entered Parliament, as it is a hugely important issue to many Moray constituents,” the MP said, adding: “I have been contacted by many people both, individuals and businesses, who have been charged extortionate amounts for having things delivered.

“This problem affects Moray, as well as many other parts of the North East, and has gone on for too long. This is an unacceptable practice and it’s encouraging to see cross-party and strong public support to address this issue.”

He concluded: “I continue to seek a Westminster Hall debate on the matter, and have now requested a formal inquiry by the Scottish Affairs Committee.

“It is an extremely important issue and I want the Scottish Affairs Committee to hear of the many examples I have received from people in Moray who have faced hugely inflated delivery charges, or refusals to deliver at all.

“I will continue working on this matter to fix this issue that has affected too many people for far too long.”