After-dark noise set for residents around RAF Lossiemouth base

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RESIDENTS LIVING AROUND Moray’s RAF base are being warned that further night flying activities should be expected this week.

While every care is taken to limit flying after dark as far as operationally possible to avoid disruption to the local communities, there are periods when training needs to be undertaken late into the evening.

RAF Lossiemouth has been a hive of activity over the last month as crews from the Swiss Air Force have used the Moray base to practice their night flying skills – now it is the turn of the locals to hone their own after-dark flying skills.

A spokesman for the Moray base said: “There will be night flying training taking place this week at RAF Lossiemouth. Crews must prepare for possible operational activity in any environment and therefore they must carry out rigorous training and continuous practice.

“Realistic training at night is essential to ensure our crews are proficient in the necessary skills. We do all that we can to minimise disruption to our neighbours and local community. All aircraft should have returned to Station by 11.30pm.

“However, as we are a QRA base there is always the possibility that aircraft will fly after this time if required.”